CD: Meditation on Love

Instrumental music for the body, mind, heart and spirit. Music for reflection, contemplation, breathwork, relaxation, quiet time, meditation and dreaming.

Released 2010.

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About the music

For some time Australian composer Peta Williams has been interested in music as both a reflection and container for our inner world. This album of instrumental music can be used as either music for your personal inner journey – how you are thinking and feeling; what is happening for you in this moment - or simply music for quiet time. This CD can be used effectively as a tool in breathwork, in meditation, with massage, for relaxation, contemplation or reflection, or to simply enjoy.

Track details are:

1. Being – we spend so much of our lives being busy ‘doing’. This opening track is about ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’; being who we truly are. It is music to ground us, to remind us of being our authentic selves.

2. Going with the flow – we often struggle where life is taking us, and sometimes that kind of questioning and re-assessment is what we need to do at the time; at other times it is about surrendering to the moment, to the path, to where the flow of the river is taking us.

3. This resonating breath – this piece is to allow the spaces between the moments; to allow us to breathe, and to feel what resonates within our body, mind, heart and spirit.

4. Resting – this piece acknowledges our need to rest.

5. Yearning – although we might choose to live in the moment, there will always be rememberings, and yearnings. This piece acknowledges our yearnings.

6. Solace – a place of comfort.

7. Gently the night dances, softly – the darkness of the night can often seem to be negative, but in fact the softness of the night can be warm, enveloping, private and comforting.

8. Meditation on Love – acknowledging the love in our lives – of self, of friends, family, partnership, our earth and environment. As big or as intimate as we choose.

9. Finding a place of peace – I wanted to end this CD with a place of peace. I think that in moments of our lives we sometimes reach this state, then drift somewhere else, and then find it again; an ongoing journey. A place to be who we truly are, in keeping with the opening of the album.

May the music nourish your whole being.

To listen to the tracks, go to tab 'Music (CD Baby)'.

Music and arrangements copyright Peta Williams.
Piano played by Peta Williams.
Instruments realised by Peta Williams using Sibelius and Garritan software.
CD Cover and label designed and illustrated by Unicorn Graphics, NSW Australia