Well, I know this is an occasional blog, but I didn’t realise it had become more occasional than not.

But here I am, back again!  Enjoy.

The Year of No Blogging.  Until now.

Today's blog looks at composing, film music, and something on the stuff of life.  Merry Christmas.

Today's blog looks at the Australian opera, 'The Eighth Wonder', by composer Alan John with co-librettist Dennis Watkins, as well as music and the White House.

‘How to procrastinate properly’ caught my eye - perhaps it will catch yours, too!

Read on to find out more.

Today's blog looks at music in unusual places.

Today's blog looks at both the Blackheath Choir Festival, held over the weekend of 26-28 August 2016, and the joy of choirs generally.

Today's blog looks at current issues in the arts, including the protection of Australian authors and publishing, the census, the Art Music Awards, and more.

This week's blog looks at gestures of love, particularly when the news is dark.

This week's blog looks at the teachers who flow into and out of our lives at various points in our life's journey.

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