Today's blog looks at this week's featured music, 'Lullaby for Alina' from my new CD, 'Places with high levels of natural beauty', as well as acknowledges that today is ANZAC Day in Australia.

This week’s featured work, from my most recent album, ‘Places with high levels of natural beauty’, is the first of two pieces called ‘Hymn to the Mountains’.  I thought I might share with you this week how this music came about.

The subject of the arts and its role in our society is not a new topic, but I thought I would reflect on it in this week's blog, nonetheless.

Today's post looks at how music can reflect the current views of society, as well as referring to a special project, 'A Kitbag of Memories'.

Today's blog looks at 'owning our own impact', recognising what we can offer that is part of who we are.

Today's blog looks at the launch of my new CD, 'Places with high levels of natural beauty', on Friday, 18 March 2016.

In the excitement of the imminent launch of my new CD this week, 'Places with high levels of natural beauty', I also look at what it means to 'turn inwards'.

In the absence of showing you a picture of a box of my new CDs arriving this week, I have given you some of my thoughts about music.  What do you think?

In today's blog - the inaugural blog! - Peta talks about launching this new website today, and the imminent launch of her new CD, 'Places with high levels of natural beauty'.

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