My new website launched today!

Dear reader,

I am very excited that I have launched my new website today - yay!

I was very fond of my previous website, but this new website gives me the opportunity to link with CD Baby, where I am now able to sell my CDs.  If you haven't discovered my music already on CD Baby, go to the 'Music' page on this website and have a look.

The other exciting thing for me at the moment is that my new CD is about to be launched!  I am waiting for the physical CDs to come back from being printed, and on Friday 18 March 2016 this CD will be launched at a private function.  I am honoured that Mark Greenhill, the Mayor of Blue Mountains (where I live, west of Sydney, Australia), is launching the CD.

And what is this new CD about?  Called 'Places with high levels of natural beauty', it is music for reflection and quiet time.  Two works have appeared in public before but have been re-imagined for this CD; the other works have been gifts for friends at particular moments in their lives and have not appeared in public before. The title comes from an email a friend wrote a year or so ago - in the busy-ness of his life he tries to find time to walk in 'places with high levels of natural beauty' to nourish and ground himself.  That phrase resonated with me, and so a new piece was born, and the title of this CD.

I look forward to continuing this conversation with you.  I will let you know when the new CD is available.

Until next time,




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