Taking our rest

Welcome to this week’s blog.   Today is the birthday of my dear friend Maureen, who has travelled with me on our respective musical journeys and careers since we met as students of the Music Department at the University of Sydney, some time ago now.  While our lives are quite different, our friendship remains dear to us, and for that I feel blessed.

I have touched on this before, but the paths of our lives often present a variety of challenges, regardless of what stage of life we are at – whether it is in our working or our personal lives – and in my view it is important that we take the time we need to nourish ourselves, so that we can deal with the challenges that life presents to us, as well as appreciate the wonderful moments that life draws to us.  I know finding that space just for ourselves can be difficult for all of us, but it is worth it.

This week's featured work is ‘Resting’ , which first appeared on my album ‘Meditation on Love'.  I further developed this work for my new CD, ‘Places with high levels of natural beauty’ (see http://www.petawilliams.com.au/music_products/).  May it bring to you a place of rest and nourishment.

(Scroll down to the bottom of this web page to play this week's featured music).

And, Happy Birthday, dear friend Maureen,

Until next time,


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