Places with High Levels of Natural Beauty

Peta Williams

Piano and instrumental music for reflection and quiet time. A gentle, timeless and lyrical style; music that touches the heart.

About the music

This collection of instrumental music for reflection and quiet time can be experienced by both children and adults alike. While some of the music on this CD was originally written for children, it is music that both children and adults can respond to; music for reflection or quiet time, music as a vehicle for contemplation, peace and relaxation; music of the heart, music to nourish the spirit. Adults will hear the deeper layer of the music as both a reflection and container for their inner world. The music can be viewed as both lullaby and extended meditation. Listen, reflect, relax and enjoy.

Apart from the piece, ‘Resting’, originally from the ‘Meditation on Love’ CD, and ‘Blessings for the Newborn’, from the CD ‘Dream by the River’, which have been re-imagined for this CD, all the other music either has been written for specific people - friends and family – or are new works, and have not been shared in public before now.

‘Prayer for Leigh’ was written for my friend and sister, Leigh Williams Gardiner, on the occasion of her commissioning as Bishop’s priest to the Parish of Rylstone Kandos.

‘Sienna’s Lullaby’ and ‘Lullaby for Alina’ were written for my friends Francesco and Maria Placanica on the birth of their two daughters.

‘Persephone Sleeps Deeply before Awakening the Spring’ was written for my friends Fiona Burnett and Patrick Kuhn on the birth of their daughter, Persephone.

‘Hymn to the Mountains’ is my offering to the beautiful place in which I live, in all of its colours and changing moods.

‘Places with high levels of natural beauty’ is for my friend Garry Crockett, who gave me this work’s title, and the title of this CD.


A number of people provided much appreciated support as I was writing, arranging and producing these works – people who listened to earlier versions or pieces as they were in development, or who provided moral support and encouragement. You know who you are, and I thank you.

For musical advice and technical expertise, my warmest thanks to Llew Kiek, who is a joy to work with.

As always, my thanks to Karen Curran of Unicorn Graphics for her creative and design expertise.

Peta Williams Springwood, 2016

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