Take time to savour new CD 
Posted online on 24 March 2016 

Printed in the Blue Mountains Gazette edition, Wednesday 30 March 2016 

Springwood resident Peta Williams recently celebrated the launch of her new CD, 'Places with High Levels of Natural Beauty'. 

Launched by Blue Mountains mayor Mark Greenhill, 'Places with High Levels of Natural Beauty' is a CD of piano and instrumental music for reflection and quiet time. 

“It was a pleasure to launch Peta’s new CD. In the busy-ness of our lives we all need to stop occasionally and reflect,” said Cr Greenhill. 

“Peta’s music is one such vehicle that allows space. The important things in life move by in a flash. Before we know it, milestones have passed us by. Peta teaches us that we need to give ourselves the moments that make our lives full of meaning.” 

Another special guest at the launch was local musician and composer Llew Kiek, who worked with Ms Williams on the mixing and overall production of the CD. 

“Over the last couple of years Peta has composed and recorded works that take us on a tranquil voyage in search of our own inner peace, where we can find a calm stability free from the agitation that is so often part of our daily lives,” he said. 
“Her piano performances, both live and recorded, display a great depth of feeling and musicianship, and her instrumental arrangements complement and support her expressive playing to create a variety of subtle to lush textures, giving the album a further level of sonic coherence.” 

Ms Williams holds a Bachelor of Music and is a trained music therapist. Not only does she believe in the power of music to touch our hearts, she also believes in the power of people connecting with each other to strengthen our communities and improve the quality of our lives. 

For further information, contact Peta Williams by email at music@petawilliams.com.au. CDs can be purchased online through www.petawilliams.com.au.

-Blue Mountains Gazette