‘I have seen tremendous results from using Peta Williams’ music in conjunction with my breathwork sessions as a tool for deep transformation. Her music takes the listener on an beautiful emotional journey which is perfect for my work. I strongly recommend her music not only to practitioners working in Natural Therapies but also to anyone with a desire to listen to music written from the heart.’

Rebecca Geach, Airborne Breathwork
May 2011

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On 'Meditation on Love':

'I have to thank you for the CD which is now our Sunday ritual. It calms us and more importantly the girls down!!!! Please let me know when the next one is out!!! It's a fabulous CD; absolutely beautiful. Congratulations!’

Margaret Hamilton, Annandale
April 2011

After hearing Peta’s instrumental music for children, Rebecca Geach from Airborne Breathwork, Blue Mountains, wrote:

'Peta Williams –Transcendence'

'When an artist is purely connected to source and creates an artwork – the artwork takes on a life of its own and transcends what limits us as humans. This is exactly what Peta Williams has done with her debut composition for children. She has filled the void of quality music for children with a distinctly Australian female voice. Finally we can enjoy a contemporary score for a contemporary child that is full of depth, complexity, colour and beauty.

'Using over 20 years of experience of assisting Australia’s most progressive and creative musicians, her debut album of instrumental music for children is startling in its accomplishment.

'Her style is distinctly unique yet reminds me of Vaughan Williams, Percy Grainger and Nigel Westlake, yet with a softness, tenderness, strength and vision that is feminine.

'Australia is so ready for this cinematic experience, this new landscape full of a peace, stillness and connection to something higher than ourselves.

'Children already know what it means to be connected to source – so when they hear Peta’s music there is a familiarity of knowing what she is saying.'

Rebecca Geach, Airborne – Breathwork, Blue Mountains


‘My daughter was travelling  through the country by car with her 3-year-old daughter, Molly,  listening to music on the CD player.  Molly drifted off as the CD ended and my daughter chose another CD. She was most surprised and delighted when young Molly cried out – ‘No, I want to hear the quiet music!’ (referring to ‘Quiet Time’).

Elizabeth Read, Annandale