Weaving Water

Peta Williams

The original music for the play, 'Weaving Water', by Ludmila and Michael Doneman. This instrumental music demonstrates the composer's lyrical, gentle and timeless style and also features her sensitive and eloquent piano playing.

The music for 'Weaving Water' started as a gift for my friend, Ludmila Doneman, on the occasion of her 70th birthday. The play 'Weaving Water', originally a one-woman show devised by Ludmila and her husband Michael as part memoir and part metaphor for life stories, was first performed under the name '70' in March 2015, and was further developed into the play 'Weaving Water' premiered by Ludmila and Michael in Brisbane, Australia, on 18 September 2015.

Although only 10 minutes in total, the music was specifically written to act as 'punctuation points' within the performance, and as a means of reflection. The music acts as a metaphor for the weaving of stories, the connections we make with each other, and the flow of life.

The four ‘punctation points’ are:

Section 1 – Reflections (after the theme for ‘Dona Rosita, the Spinster’, 1977). Reflections on the past, the stories, lead to the present moment.

Section 2 – The weaving begins Journeying. Between stories. Weaving our stories. Women’s voices. The flow of water, of life, of story.

Section 3 – The flow of life, of story, of coming home Water flowing, moving, changing. The weaving and the interflow of our lives, our stories, continues. Belonging. We come home.

Section 4 – We weave and we are woven. Weaving, woven, flowing, resolution. We are made of stories.

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