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Dream by the River: Music for Dreaming

Peta Williams

Instrumental music and lullabies for dreaming, for children and the child in you.

‘Dream by the River – Music for Dreaming’ originally began as a CD of lullabies for babies and young children. It then metamorphosed into a broader range of music for dreaming and contemplation, and as such will be suitable for both children and adults. The reason for this is that the music can stimulate visual images, imaginings, wonderings and feelings, as well as providing a platform for reflection, contemplation and relaxation. Nonetheless, the music can also be relaxing and soothing for babies, and acts as a container to hold and support our emotional, imaginative and reflective world. This music is a vehicle for children and adults to tap into their innate emotional wisdom.

My thanks to all the children in my life who inspired this set of instrumental songs and lullabies for dreaming, and their families. All the music was created in 2008 with the exception of ‘Dona Rosita’s Lullaby’, which was created some years ago as incidental music to the play by Lorca, but which has stayed with me for a long time and seemed to want a place in this CD.

Acknowledgements My thanks to the artist Lindy Longhurst, who graciously allowed me to use an image of her painting ‘Dream By The River’ on the CD cover and to borrow that title for this album. You can see more of Lindy’s extraordinary work at

Unicorn Graphics gave generously in their design for this album, and my sincere thanks to Karen Curran at Unicorn Graphics for her imagination and generosity. Unicorn Graphics can be found at

Finally, my thanks to Renata and baby Nina, who started the whole project.

Peta Williams Blue Mountains, Australia

'When an artist is purely connected to source and creates an artwork – the artwork takes on a life of its own and transcends what limits us as humans. This is exactly what Peta Williams has done with her debut composition for children. She has filled the void of quality music for children with a distinctly Australian female voice. Finally we can enjoy a contemporary score for a contemporary child that is full of depth, complexity, colour and beauty.' 'Rebecca Geach, Airborne – Breathwork, Blue Mountains

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Having Fun: Instrumental Music for Children

Peta Williams

'Having Fun' is a set of instrumental songs for children for gentle and joyful play-time - clapping, dancing, running, jumping, and playing percussion.

'Having Fun' is a set of instrumental songs for children for gentle and joyful play-time.

The music lends itself to clapping, dancing, running, jumping, and playing percussion instruments. It allows for your and your child’s imagination to create your own responses to the music. The music is deliberately strongly rhythmic with simple harmonies and delightful melodies that create a container for children to express themselves in movement and play. It is a companion album to ‘Quiet Time’, a set of instrumental songs for dreaming, relaxing, and being at rest.

  1. Clapping Song (Song for Cameron) was commissioned by Kerry Wyburg for her grandson Cameron. Lovely strong rhythms for both slow and faster clapping.
  2. Having Fun: great for learning how to clap and stop, for example, clap clap clap rest.
  3. Now I am One (Song for Nina) was written for Nina's first birthday. It is joyful and exuberant and great for movement or simply listening.
  4. Run Like the Wind - a fun song to run off some energy, and also great for clapping, jumping, dancing.
  5. Joyful Play-time (Song for Johannes) - another great piece for clapping or playing your own percussion instruments (saucepans included!).
  6. Clapping Song (Reprise) - to complete the album.

Album cover design by Karen Curran at Unicorn Graphics (

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Quiet Time: Instrumental Music for Children

Peta Williams

'Quiet Time’ is a set of instrumental songs for children or the child in you, for dreaming, relaxing, and being at rest.

'Quiet Time’ is a set of instrumental songs for dreaming, relaxing, and being at rest.

While this album is initially directed to children, and includes some commissions and other music specifically written for children, you will find that the music is not just for children. If you buy or receive this CD for your child, you might be drawn also to the imaginings, wonderings and feelings that the music evokes, as well as noting its capacity to provide a vehicle for reflection, contemplation and relaxation. Young children will respond to the music for their ‘quiet time’; older children and adults will hear the deeper layer of the music as both a reflection and container for their inner world.

  1. Reflections (Song for Sebastian) was commissioned by Kerry Wyburg for her grandson.
  2. Misty Mountains comes from Peta Williams' debut album, 'Dream by the River: Music for Dreaming'.
  3. Gentle Heart is what it is.
  4. Music for Dreaming also comes from Peta Williams' debut album, 'Dream by the River: Music for Dreaming'.
  5. Shirley's Dreaming was written for Peta's mother, Shirley, for her 75th birthday.

The companion album to 'Quiet Time' is 'Having Fun'.

Music and arrangements copyright Peta Williams. Piano played by Peta Williams. Other instruments realised digitally. CD Cover and label designed and illustrated by Karen Curran of Unicorn Graphics, NSW Australia ((

‘My daughter was travelling through the country by car with her 3-year-old daughter, Molly, listening to music on the CD player. Molly drifted off as the CD ended and my daughter chose another CD. She was most surprised and delighted when young Molly cried out – ‘No, I want to hear the quiet music!’ (referring to ‘Quiet Time’). Elizabeth Read, Annandale

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Places with High Levels of Natural Beauty

Peta Williams

Piano and instrumental music for reflection and quiet time. A gentle, timeless and lyrical style; music that touches the heart.

About the music

This collection of instrumental music for reflection and quiet time can be experienced by both children and adults alike. While some of the music on this CD was originally written for children, it is music that both children and adults can respond to; music for reflection or quiet time, music as a vehicle for contemplation, peace and relaxation; music of the heart, music to nourish the spirit. Adults will hear the deeper layer of the music as both a reflection and container for their inner world. The music can be viewed as both lullaby and extended meditation. Listen, reflect, relax and enjoy.

Apart from the piece, ‘Resting’, originally from the ‘Meditation on Love’ CD, and ‘Blessings for the Newborn’, from the CD ‘Dream by the River’, which have been re-imagined for this CD, all the other music either has been written for specific people - friends and family – or are new works, and have not been shared in public before now.

‘Prayer for Leigh’ was written for my friend and sister, Leigh Williams Gardiner, on the occasion of her commissioning as Bishop’s priest to the Parish of Rylstone Kandos.

‘Sienna’s Lullaby’ and ‘Lullaby for Alina’ were written for my friends Francesco and Maria Placanica on the birth of their two daughters.

‘Persephone Sleeps Deeply before Awakening the Spring’ was written for my friends Fiona Burnett and Patrick Kuhn on the birth of their daughter, Persephone.

‘Hymn to the Mountains’ is my offering to the beautiful place in which I live, in all of its colours and changing moods.

‘Places with high levels of natural beauty’ is for my friend Garry Crockett, who gave me this work’s title, and the title of this CD.


A number of people provided much appreciated support as I was writing, arranging and producing these works – people who listened to earlier versions or pieces as they were in development, or who provided moral support and encouragement. You know who you are, and I thank you.

For musical advice and technical expertise, my warmest thanks to Llew Kiek, who is a joy to work with.

As always, my thanks to Karen Curran of Unicorn Graphics for her creative and design expertise.

Peta Williams Springwood, 2016

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Weaving Water

Peta Williams

The original music for the play, 'Weaving Water', by Ludmila and Michael Doneman. This instrumental music demonstrates the composer's lyrical, gentle and timeless style and also features her sensitive and eloquent piano playing.

The music for 'Weaving Water' started as a gift for my friend, Ludmila Doneman, on the occasion of her 70th birthday. The play 'Weaving Water', originally a one-woman show devised by Ludmila and her husband Michael as part memoir and part metaphor for life stories, was first performed under the name '70' in March 2015, and was further developed into the play 'Weaving Water' premiered by Ludmila and Michael in Brisbane, Australia, on 18 September 2015.

Although only 10 minutes in total, the music was specifically written to act as 'punctuation points' within the performance, and as a means of reflection. The music acts as a metaphor for the weaving of stories, the connections we make with each other, and the flow of life.

The four ‘punctation points’ are:

Section 1 – Reflections (after the theme for ‘Dona Rosita, the Spinster’, 1977). Reflections on the past, the stories, lead to the present moment.

Section 2 – The weaving begins Journeying. Between stories. Weaving our stories. Women’s voices. The flow of water, of life, of story.

Section 3 – The flow of life, of story, of coming home Water flowing, moving, changing. The weaving and the interflow of our lives, our stories, continues. Belonging. We come home.

Section 4 – We weave and we are woven. Weaving, woven, flowing, resolution. We are made of stories.

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Meditation On Love

Peta Williams

Instrumental music for the body, mind, heart and spirit. Music for reflection, contemplation, breathwork, relaxation, quiet time, meditation and dreaming.

For some time Australian composer Peta Williams has been interested in music as both a reflection and container for our inner world. This album of instrumental music can be used as either music for your personal inner journey – how you are thinking and feeling; what is happening for you in this moment - or simply music for quiet time. This CD can be used effectively as a tool in breathwork, in meditation, with massage, for relaxation, contemplation or reflection, or to simply enjoy.

Track details are:

  1. Being – we spend so much of our lives being busy ‘doing’. This opening track is about ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’; being who we truly are. It is music to ground us, to remind us of being our authentic selves.

  2. Going with the flow – we often struggle where life is taking us, and sometimes that kind of questioning and re-assessment is what we need to do at the time; at other times it is about surrendering to the moment, to the path, to where the flow of the river is taking us.

  3. This resonating breath – this piece is to allow the spaces between the moments; to allow us to breathe, and to feel what resonates within our body, mind, heart and spirit.

  4. Resting – this piece acknowledges our need to rest.

  5. Yearning – although we might choose to live in the moment, there will always be rememberings, and yearnings. This piece acknowledges our yearnings.

  6. Solace – a place of comfort.

  7. Gently the night dances, softly – the darkness of the night can often seem to be negative, but in fact the softness of the night can be warm, enveloping, private and comforting.

  8. Meditation on Love – acknowledging the love in our lives – of self, of friends, family, partnership, our earth and environment. As big or as intimate as we choose.

  9. Finding a place of peace – I wanted to end this CD with a place of peace. I think that in moments of our lives we sometimes reach this state, then drift somewhere else, and then find it again; an ongoing journey. A place to be who we truly are, in keeping with the opening of the album.

May the music nourish your whole being.

Music and arrangements copyright Peta Williams. Piano played by Peta Williams. Instruments realised by Peta Williams using Sibelius and Garritan software. CD Cover and label designed and illustrated by Unicorn Graphics, NSW Australia

Peta Williams is a musician and composer who has a particular interest in the use of music as a tool in healing, relaxation and meditation. She is based in the Lower Blue Mountains, near Sydney in New South Wales (NSW), Australia. She is also a trained Music Therapist.

‘I have seen tremendous results from using Peta Williams’ music in conjunction with my breathwork sessions as a tool for deep transformation. Her music takes the listener on an beautiful emotional journey which is perfect for my work. I strongly recommend her music not only to practitioners working in Natural Therapies but also to anyone with a desire to listen to music written from the heart.’

Rebecca Geach, Airborne Breathwork May 2011

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