What’s in a name? Or, Do the titles of pieces matter?

What’s in a name?  Or, Do the titles of pieces matter?

Well, they do to me.  And I’ve always been interested in the beautiful work of Australian composer, Graeme Koehne, whose titles are so evocative. (Some of these titles are To His Servant Bach God Grants a Final Glimpse - The Morning Star; Unchained Melody; Elevator Music.  See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graeme_Koehne or http://www.australianmusiccentre.com.au/artist/koehne-graeme )

For me, sometimes the title comes before I write the music;  other times the music prompts the title.  As some of you will know from my most recent album, the title piece, ‘Places with high levels of natural beauty’, came from something a friend wrote in an email, and resonated with a new piece I wanted to develop.  In my previous album, ‘Meditation on Love’,  works such as ‘Going with the flow’, ‘Finding a place of peace’ and ‘Gently the night dances, softly’ are titles that I hope resonate with the music.

So, this week’s featured music is ‘Gently the night dances, softly’, from the ‘Meditation on Love’ album, a piece that was dedicated to my friend Jane Vallentine.  I hope you enjoy.

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