Blessings for the newborn

Welcome to this week’s blog.  In contrast to last week’s featured music (‘Hymn to the Mountains – 2’), this week’s featured music is without piano (my goodness!) – called ‘Blessings for the newborn’

Its history lies in the very first CD that I produced, ‘Dream by the River:  Music for dreaming’, back in 2008.  While the CD cover was designed by my usual designer, Karen Curran of Unicorn Graphics ( ), the featured image was that of a painting by a then local artist whose work I love, Lindy Longhurst (see .  While Lindy no longer lives in the Blue Mountains, she remains a beloved Australian artist, and my home features a number of her original works.  You can see the beautiful image of Lindy’s work used on the CD cover (with permission) in the photo below.

‘Blessings for the newborn’ was a work on that very first album that I re-worked for my new CD released in March this year, ‘Places with high levels of natural beauty’.  It was originally written to celebrate the birth of children to two sets of friends (Margaret and David on the birth of Imogen, and Hanna-Mari and Christopher on the birth of Elsa), and I remain fond of it.  However, I wanted to give it new life, and so, this week’s featured music is the re-imagined version of ‘Blessings for the newborn’.

And of course, if you wish to purchase my new CD, please go to this page on my website , or contact me directly at

I hope you enjoy.

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Photograph - an image of a painting by the Australian artist Lindy Longhurst, used in the CD cover of my album 'Dream by the River:  Music for dreaming'.

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