Procrastination, or, how to procrastinate properly

Greetings for the new week, and welcome to my  occasional blog.  If you are new to this blog, as I build my email database or respond to enquiries to join up, welcome.

In my working life, working at a small neighbourhood centre in the Lower Blue Mountains,  it is our AGM tomorrow.  I have finished the Annual Report (just!), and written my speech notes for my report tomorrow, but as I’m not completely happy with my notes so far, I have brought them home with me for a review.  I try not to bring work home, but occasionally it helps to have the head-space for such matters.  So, since I have been home I have cooked some chicken for lunches for the rest of the week, put a cheese-cake in the oven to cover weekly snacks, read today’s paper (especially the TV guide), and had my pre-dinner cheese and bikkies snack (with a glass of wine, of course).

I haven’t quite got to reviewing my speech notes, although I’ve been thinking about it.

In my musical life, I have been working on a new piece for clarinet and piano, for a clarinettist-friend.  I finally sent him the latest draft yesterday, but it was draft 8 after all.  I thought it was probably time.  I have been procrastinating about developing this piece, but I have recently learned that this was ‘proper’ procrastination, as opposed to not-so-proper procrastination.  It’s not that I cleaned the fridge, or sorted out my sock drawer every time I thought I should do some work on the piece, although I could have if it were ‘active procrastination’;  rather, I went for a walk, watered the garden, read a chapter in my book. In other words, I gave myself some creative head-space.  And then went back to the creative development of the piece, and enjoyed doing so.

‘How to procrastinate properly’ caught my eye, an article from Arts Hub by free-lance writer Madeleine Dore, found by clicking here.  It seems that there is active or passive procrastination, and the ‘active’ kind requires self-awareness and, paradoxically, self-discipline.  Have a read and let me know what you think.

And where am I up to with the review of my speech for tomorrow’s AGM?  I am procrastinating by writing this blog!

It is Spring and it is lovely enjoying being in the beautiful place where I live.  Some photographic evidence can be seen below;  beauty can be at our own back door.  (Well, not literally in my case, but not far!). So, this week’s music is from my most recent album, ‘Places with high levels of natural beauty’,  ‘Hymn to the Mountains (1)’.  The majesty of this ancient and spiritual land.

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Photos taken by Peta Williams, Jamison Valley, Blue Mountains, Australia